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Why Sell With Us:

At Antique Abbey we know that selling Antiques is lifestyle and not just random products posted in an impersonal online ad. Antique's not only tell a story, but often hold great personal worth to both the buyer and the seller. Whether it is the cookie jar that your Grandmother had when you were growing up or the unbelievable deal you got on rare baseball card, antique's inspire people to buy, collect and sell based on emotions rather than needs. That is why Antique Abbey is the most advanced online mall of its kind. By combining a targeted social network with a streamlined virtual mall we have built a online community connecting both sellers and buyers in one place. Your products will not only be seen in you store and the main mall, but it will also be posted on targeted members walls based upon the personal interests rather than random placement. Example: If a social member collects dolls and you have just added a new rare doll to you store that doll will post on that members personal wall bringing your product directly to the potential buyer. Why make buyer search endlessly for what they collect when we can deliver the products directly to them...what a concept!

What Does This Cost:

Hang on to your is the best part!

No Commissions and no extra charges!!

   Plus, receive 2 Months FREE!
List up to 50 items at any one time $29.95 per month
List up to 250 items at any one time. $49.95 per month
This is a trial billing period $0.00 per month
List as many items as you want! Our best deal! Grand opening Special! Price will return to $89.95 per month in the near future! $59.95 per month
   Plus, receive 2 Months FREE!
Pay in advance and get huge savings per year. List as many items as you want!

You save more than $500.00 per year.

We will add 2 Months for a total of 14 months at one low price! (for new shops only)

Introductory Offer: 2 Months (for new shops only)
$499.00 per year

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